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Thursday, 29th March

Activists went back into the city of London today to continue protesting against the dirty shareholders of the discredited HLS customer, AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca continue to pay for experiments at HLS, helping to prop up the financial struggling company to continue their torture and animal abuse.

It is well know that AstraZeneca doesn't care, they only care about making profit on the backs of animal abuse and human suffering. Recently, a doctor that worked for AstraZeneca in Serbia who was being investigated for corruption as part of a larger corruption enquiry into AstraZeneca committed suicide, this is another example of the direct consequences of working for such a greedy, corrupt, abusing company who gave no support to their own staff.

While AstraZeneca layoff thousands of staff, their CEO, David Brennan was paid nearly 10 million last year, while they kept their shareholders happy with buying back shares to keep the whole corporate profit machine going. There is no though at all about the lives AstraZeneca disrupt, ruin and destroy.

We hope one day to see some karma go their way as the disgusting company they are. It's time for the city to wake up and change their ways, the money god will not protect you when the time comes and your continued lack of morals and any corporate ethical will mean that you will always have protests and actions against you while you continue to fund and support the vile, bloody vivisection industry that kills animals and humans alike.

We will not rest, and we will not give in. There is too much at stake.

Until all are free

SHAC London


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