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Friday, 30th March

Late Friday afternoon a group of activists greeted workers as they finished their last working day of the week at Legal & General in Hove. We held a loud demo which nicely resonated around their site, which includes two large Legal & General buildings. The security staff seemed cautious but did not approach us and we remained outside their offices for a good hour.

As its not been demoed before we got a lot of attention and many people were interested and disgusted that this company profits from the deaths of five hundred animals at HLS every day. We handed out many leaflets and spoke to very responsive workers and passers by (and even got a few recruits!). The demo had an extremely good reach and could be heard from the large park neighbouring Legal & General’s buildings and many people came up from the park to see what was happening and then to actively show support. Nearby construction workers were also intrigued by the protest and we made sure to inform them of the disgusting profits their neighbours make from investing in animal abuse.

We packed up when it looked like the place was empty but just as we were leaving more staff emerged through the gates as if our presence kept them from leaving. It is clear that the SHAC campaign’s reputation has struck a tender cord with Legal & General. We urge Legal & General to cut their ties with the vivisection industry – otherwise it won’t be long until our next visit…



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