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Friday, 30th March

A group of people in the South East have been motivated by the week of action against AstraZeneca and saw that AXA, one of their shareholders, have been getting away with murder for too long. So we travelled to Tunbridge Wells at 10.30am today to make sure that their crimes are not going unnoticed and loudly informed staff and passers by about their involvement in the bloody vivisection industry.

Staff were initially intrigued and not sure why we were there, but we left them with plenty of information about the unethical company they work for and made it very clear that we will keep returning until they cut their ties with HLS. Several cars stopped and showed support and we handed out lots of leaflets to passers by. The area proved to be brilliant for megaphone acoustics and our message was spread widely across town. Their neighbours will not be pleased with the pressure we’re going to put on these profit making animal abusers and if they want to maintain good relations with nearby businesses we urge them to stop supporting animal testing.


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