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Friday, 30th March

A dozen activists protested in front of AstraZeneca's French head offices , just west of Paris during the global week of action against this shameful company. AstraZeneca is the major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences, Europe's largest animal testing laboratory.

As usual the staff ran inside the building at the beginning of the demo. Aren't they capable of defending what they are doing? How could anyone defend what's happening inside HLS or vivisection in general?

For hours activists chanted at the doors and held speeches about how horrific animal testing is and about the lack of justification for animal experiments.

Passers-by were disgusted to hear about the pharmaceutical company's role in the torture and death of animals. Leaflets, posters and banners made things clear about why we were here and what we wanted. We want AstraZeneca to dump HLS and use their power as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies to promote non-animal testing experiments, until then, we'll keep demonstrating at the doors of their offices.

AstraZeneca, 1 place Louis Renault, 92500 Rueil Malmaison.



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