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Saturday, 31st March

Animal rights campaigners gathered outside a Lincolnshire farm which breeds rabbits and ferrets for research to highlight the cruelty. This testing is not doing humans any favours at all and the animals are suffering absolutely unbelievable experiments that anyone who had any compassion would find distressing. The protest was between 12 noon and 4pm with about 60-70 protestors there for a spirited demo against this hell hole supplier that thinks nothing of the animals he ships to their deaths to labs across the UK.

Geoff Douglas allegedly admits to selling about 15 to 20 rabbits a week but insists most of these go to companies dedicated to producing medicines and vaccinations and that he no longer supplies animals to HLS. When asked by a BBC reporter about supplying nearly 100 rabbits in one go to HLS for sweetner experiments, he said he couldn't remember! Douglas then goes on to state that he is 'an animal lover' and said about the protestors: "For goodness sake, can't they see we care for animals just as much as them." (see the pictures on the right and judge for yourselves). It's a shame that he can not understand that keeping animals crammed into bare metal cages suspended above layers of excrement and urine in cold, windowless sheds and then selling them onto be experimented on is cruelty..? Another case of hypocrisy from Geoff Douglas we think.

Our aim is to get the owner of Highgate Farm to stop, and we mean stop, selling all animals to universities and laboratories.

Wherever the rabbits and ferrets bred at Highgate are supplied to, they end up in equally cruel and pointless experiments - it's time to stop this vile trade! We don't stop until this place is closed down for good!

If you would like to get involved with the campaign to close down Highgate Farm, see: www.closehighgatefarm.com or email: closehighgaterabbitfarm@hotmail.co.uk

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iT4s_QNwVg



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