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Saturday, 31st March

Several southern California activists decided to make a few house calls to the homes of Beckman Coulter's upper management. Beckman Coulter has persisted to supply HLS with the tools they need to torture and kill innocent animals, so activists have persisted to make sure that they experience a small taste of the discomfort that these suffering animals endure.

Our friend and president of Beckman Coulter is Bob Hurley, and he was the first stop of the day. Activists carried signs and chanted about Bob's compassionless actions to make sure the neighbors know that Bob hates animals and effective science. Bob would rather have protests outside of his home and the homes of his employees than stand up for animals, so the protests will continue!

Clair O'Donavan hates animals and effective science as well, so her house was the next stop. Activists used their voices and signs to teach Clair's neighbor's about the blood that drips from her greedy hands. Clair's animal loving neighbors were appalled and cheered the activists on while they spoke up for the animals that Clair imprisons inside of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Upon departure, the activists made sure that Clair knew that as long as she has ties to HLS she will be treated to protests in her neighborhood.

The final stop of the day was to Allison Blackwell's Yorba Linda home. Allison hates animals and effective science just like Bob and Clair, so she can look forward to many more protests outside of her house. Activists carried signs and used chants and monologues to educate the public about how Allison chooses to allow innocent animals to be abused and murdered in the name of fraudulent science. The protest carried on for about 30 minutes before activists called it a day.

This is not the last any of these puppy killers have seen or heard of the demonstrations. We never back down, and we always win. See you soon!



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