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Sunday, 4th March

On Sunday afternoon, activists once again visited Allison Blackwell and her loving and ever so compassionate neighbors in Yorba Linda, CA. Allison is one of the Senior Vice Presidents of Beckman Coulter (for Human Resources) and on the Executive Team. As long as Beckman Coulter supplies to Huntingdon, the scum of a lab remains in business. Beckman's Executive employees have the moral obligation to end business with HLS, for the 500 animals who are murdered every day. We are calling on Allison to pressure her company make a compassionate and practical business decision.

Next, activists marched around Jeff Linton's neighborhood in Fullerton, another Senior Vice President (for General Counsel) for Beckman Coulter. Activists were able to talk to a few supportive neighbors who committed themselves to contacting Jeff and Beckman Coulter as another voice for the animals inside HLS. We let Jeff know that hundreds of animals are counting on him and his company to cut their ties with one of the most notorious and fraudulent labs ever to have existed. The animals inside HLS are no different from the companion animals that cuddle with you on your couch or sleep in your bed. Its easy Jeff, demand your company to cut their ties and activists will no longer expose you for your dealings in blood money.

To finish up the day with the ultimate finale, activists visited President of Beckman Coulter, Robert James (Bob) Hurley on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, CA. Bob lives right on the ocean and the money he brings in to pay for such a luxury is off the backs of hundreds of innocent animals. Bob, you above all, have the absolute moral responsibility to cut ties with Huntingdon and be rid of the animal murdering scum. As long as Beckman Coulter associates and continues to supply their patented machines to HLS' New Jersey lab, activists will be outside your office and in your neighborhood holding you accountable. As long as Beckman does business with HLS, you will be held equally responsible for their deaths. There is absolutely no incentive to continue doing business with Huntingdon, as they owe your company thousands (and they will probably never pay you back) and you are associated with something everyone despises - an animal abuser. Activists talked to your neighbors who have pets and each and every single one of them find your business dealings despicable. Your reputation as a "good guy" is steadily being tarnished every day Beckman remains a supplier of HLS.




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