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Friday, 18th May

The day began with a lively visit to AstraZeneca’s site in Luton, Bedfordshire. Activists ran up to the building to welcome staff into work by chanting through megaphones about their bloody dealings with the puppy killers at HLS. Placards showing images of animals killed inside the lab were shown to the workers, who had to hang their heads in shame at their sick involvement with the world’s most notorious animal testing lab. After a while the activists moved from the main entrance of AZ’s fancy building to the entrance of the staff car park, ready to make sure that all the staff would begin their working day with the knowledge of the animals that will be murdered whilst they sit at their desks. Activists took a break behind a nearby bush, before springing into action as the first car approached the entrance. As the activists suddenly appeared waving placards and shouting through their megaphones, the worker in the car looked a little startled to see them! Clearly angered to have had his morning routine interrupted, the aggressive member of staff unthinkingly slammed his foot on the accelerator in the hopes of driving into the peaceful protesters. Luckily for them however, the worker obviously hadn’t eaten his weetabix that morning and had failed to remember that the security barrier was still up, so instead ended up ramming into the metal and wrecking the front of his car. Oops! We guess karma has a way of punishing evil people. Suddenly looking a lot more timid, the worker drove away as the sound of the activists’ laughed echoed behind him. After this, the activists gradually made their way around the building, demoing the various entrances as they went. Eventually, after having made their feelings on AZ’s dirty contract with HLS perfectly clear, the activists left for their next target.

Next up was StarLab, who were exposed supplying lab equipment to HLS at the end of last year. The owner, Willie Burns has shown himself to be a violent bully, just like the perverts he’s doing business with. He obviously doesn’t care about the suffering of the animals dying because of his bad business decisions and has repeatedly become unreasonably threatening and abusive when SHAC supporters have attempted to speak to him about Huntingdon. Knowing this, activists held a loud demo outside the building and asked for old Willie to have a civil discussion with them and to explain his continued support of the 7 times exposed animal testing lab. Unsurprisingly, Mr Burns is clearly a coward like all bullies are, as he stayed hidden away in his office. Activists did have the pleasure of talking to a couple of members of the warehouse staff, but it appeared they workers weren’t capable of much of an intellectual debate – perhaps explaining why they can’t comprehend what’s wrong with enabling scumbags to torture innocent animals. Having held a good demo and ensure that StarLab know all about the disgusting company they’re dealing with, the activists left – but Willie can be sure that this won’t be the last visit they have unless they do the right thing and drop HLS.

The final stop of the day was W H Barley, who’ve been supplying storage equipment for StarLab. Concerned animal lovers have been to chat ploitely with the Managing Director Steve Latchford a few times now and every time he’s said that he also cares about animals and that his company isn’t working with StarLab anymore. However, he’s also repeatedly said that they’ll look into issuing a statement to confirm this, without ever following up. Suspicious that he might be telling us a little fib, activists had (as described by Steve himself) a friendly chat with him about the situation and urged him to make contact with the campaign. He’s said they’re fed up of receiving outraged communication from all around the world. So activists explained once again that if they’re telling the truth, all they have to do is issue a statement and their company’s details will be removed from the campaign website. We hope he’ll follow through this time!

Until next time, until all are free



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