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Wednesday, 2nd May

Activists continue to protest AstraZeneca’s shareholders while AZ remain a major customer of HLS. AstraZeneca know all about the disgusting company they’re dealing with, so there’s no excuse for their blood money contract.

The day started with a demo outside Axa’s HQ, where many leaflets were handed out to the public. As always, people were horrified to learn about the animal abuse inside HLS and Axa’s involvement in it.

Following this, a couple more activists arrived and the group moved onto BlackRock. A loud demo was held outside the entrance to their new offices, with chants and speeches about their ties to the world’s most exposed animal testing laboratory echoing around the building.

To finish off the day activists paid a visit to Legal & General, where they spread out along the side of the building and with placards and megaphones aimed at the windows, they left the staff inside in no doubt as to why they were there. Drawn over by the noise, L&G’s staff crowded against their windows to watch the protest… And the reaction of the passing public who were disgusted to hear about L&G profiting from murder.

As always, SHAC activists will continue to highlight the companies that are sick enough to work with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Deal with HLS – deal with SHAC!

SHAC London



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