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Wednesday, 23rd May

LA activists made a stop by the Blackrock Offices in the California Plaza Building (350 S. Grand Ave LA, CA) for a flash demo to let them know that activists will not back down because of a measly law suite and a couple of out of shape P.I.s.

As soon as the sirens started to blare activists were met by Security guards that looked more like the Oakland raiders 3rd string. The guards informed the activists that the building was under new management and would press charges for trespassing: Apparently the new management isn't aware of California civil codes protecting free speech and California case law that states "Free expression is Protected on Private Property which is open to the public."

Even with the intimidating guards following close behind and attempting to force the activists off the property, chants of "Punching beagles in the face, Blackrock investment what a disgrace" could be heard through out the California Plaza. Building employees were surprised by what the activists had to say about the 500 animals murdered a day on Blackrock's dime, and shocked by the graphic images of Beagle puppies that had been Murdered inside of HLS.

The Global Animal Rights Community can't be stopped by pieces of paper Blackrock, the only thing that will stop us is cutting your ties with AstraZeneca and HLS!

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