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Thursday, 24th May

Upon arrival activists quickly realized that the security door in the front office was not completely closed. Activists quickly took advantage of the situation and took over Nalco's lobby. Sirens were blaring and the voice of compassion was heard all through Nalco's office. Shortly after entering the building a employee came into the lobby to escort the activists out of the lobby.

Never the less activists continued to educate people coming in and out of the building. Many people slowed down in their cars to listen and learn about the animals that are imprisoned and murdered inside of HLS. There were trucks coming in and out of Nalco the entire time. All of them were curious why activists were outside.

Activists saw that after one of the truck drivers left the Nalco front door wide open. Activists quickly entered the lobby for the second time. Within a few minutes employees came back to escort activists out. This time activists simply held the door open as frustrated employees of Nalco, called for back up. About 4-5 large men came to remove the activists. This time they locked the door behind them.

Remember Nalco, as long as you do business with Huntingdon you can expect many more protests like this one!

Until all are free!



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