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Sunday, 6th May

Committed activists came to Bob Hurley's home on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California while he and his wife were sunbathing on the front porch of their luxurious beach front property. While Bob and his agitated wife scrambled to pick up their things and retreat to the inside of their house the activists asked Bob why he wouldn't cut his ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences. Bob seems to enjoy lying, and told the activists that he has nothing to do with "that company" and refused to respond when questioned about validating his claims by presenting proof and making a press release about their discontinued business HLS. Funny that. Bob's wife emerged from the house shortly after the protest began to photograph the activists and wound up battering two of them in her desperate attempts to photograph masked activists. The entire Hurley family seems to enjoy taking part in violence. Activists held a usual demonstration with chants and monologues while they held signs, educating the public about Bob's dirty dealings in vivisection. As usual, activists were filmed by Barney T. Villa who makes a career out of sucking off the corporate teat by harassing and intimidating activists. Half way through the demonstration two anonymous masked individuals simultaneously cornered the activists and pelted the activists with the eggs of tortured and exploited hens. The police arrived shortly after the attack and refused to dignify the assault and brushed over the event to focus on reminding activists to abide by all of the laws that have never been broken by the activists. The demonstration carried on into the neighborhood as activists marched around informing the neighbors about the puppy killer in their neighborhood. One gentleman emerged from his home with his four adorable children and asked if his kids could join in on the fun because they love animals and they like yelling. Activists agreed. The demonstration wrapped up with a gentle but firm reminder that the global campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences is anything but over for Bob and Beckman Coulter. We'll be back, and we always win.

The second and final demonstration of the day was a first for Carolyn Beaver at her Newport Beach home just a few miles away from Bob's house. Carolyn is the Corporate Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer for Beckman Coulter. You can learn about Carolyn on the Forbes website. Moments after the protest began Carolyn's teenage son came out of the house to call activists "retards" "pussies". Clearly Carolyn's parenting should be called into question in addition to her unethical business affiliations. Raising such a sexist and ableist son is an accomplishment every parent should be ashamed of. Carolyn's husband quickly came out to bring the loquacious little lad back in the house and inform activists that he had called the police. Activists continued to protest and educate the public about the 500 animals who are tortured and killed every day and how Carolyn profits from their exploitation, her neighbors were appalled and sympathetic towards the campaign. Police rolled up just in the nick of time to watch the peaceful protest and enforce laws that don't exist, stopping just short of shoving activists off of the sidewalk. Police officers refused to give their names and badge numbers when asked to state them for the camera for legal purposes. The demonstration ended with a final monologue and a reminder that activists will not be silenced until Carolyn does her part to close HLS once and for all.



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