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Monday, 7th May

A group of activists took a quick trip to Bob Hurley's home in Newport Beach, CA to remind him that his continued business ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences are irresponsible and will not be forgotten. Bob has stepped down as President and CEO of Beckman Coulter and is now acting as the Senior Advisor to the Board and claims to have no say in which companies Beckman Coulter does and does not do business with. However that is the same claim that all of the Beckman Coulter Executive Management Team touts so it begs the question, who is calling the shots at Beckman Coulter if not their highest paid executives? Could it be the janitorial staff? Bob's wife, Trish Hurley, was home for the show and quickly came to shut the blinds and glare at activists. The activists reminded Trish and Bob with chants and monologues that as long as they do nothing to stop the torture and death of the innocent animals inside of HLS they are directly culpable for their exploitation, and lying to compassionate peaceful protestors will not change that fact and will not make protests stop. The time for action is now Bob Hurley, make the compassionate decision and save the innocent animals who are just like the adorable dog you share your home with, it is what your precious companion animal would want you to do. Examine your business choices and decide if they align with how you feel animals should be treated. We'll be seeing you soon Mr. and Mrs. Hurley.

Until every cage is empty and all are free



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