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Wednesday, 9th May

On Wednesday a number of activists held a quick and powerful demonstration outside of Nalco's Southern California Distribution Center in Long Beach, California.

Nalco is a chemical company and recently exposed REACH customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. This scummy company sent their silicone dioxide to HLS to be tested on innocent animals. Activists named and shamed the company and reminded them of all of the fraudulent results that HLS has produced and that Nalco should not trust the data that was given to them. I'm sure Nalco would not want to be the brand name behind another Vioxx-like recall. The activists used bullhorns to chant and speak out about the disgusting business that is Huntingdon Life Sciences and carried signs with pictures of the animals that were murdered on Nalco's dollar. The teamsters in their trucks near by took a break to watch the action and complimented protestors at the demonstrations conclusion and expressed their disgust for vivisection and stated their support for the campaign and the efforts of activists.

Nalco, your business relationship with HLS must come to an end in order to save human and animal lives, until you do this activists will be sure to remind you of what your inaction is contributing to. Make the smart business decision and demand reliable science for the safety of your customers and the animals they love so dearly. We'll see you next time Nalco!


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