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Friday, 2nd November

Friday saw 20 of us exercising our right to protest at HLS’s smaller lab at Occold. We were there to remember Barry Horne, who died on 5th November 2001, but also to celebrate the release of Heather Nicholson. Heather, one of the most lovely, gentle and kind people you could wish to meet, has just been released from prison after serving a 5½ year sentence for her part in the campaign to close the animal death camp, otherwise known as Huntingdon Life Sciences. Our thoughts and love go out to you Heather. You can be sure that the fight carries on against the evil that is vivisection.

Also with us at the demonstration were two gorgeous dogs. These dogs are truly lucky as they are shown nothing but love. The same of course cannot be said for the dogs imprisoned inside HLS. Years ago we remember being approached on a stall in Diss by an HLS worker and when questioned as to how they could own a pet dog themselves and still go into work and experiment on beagles, the response we received was “My dog was not bred for vivisection”. Such a comment is just horrifically appalling and haunts us to this day. We suppose such a rationale helps the workers justify what they do to poor innocent beagles and other animals in these hellholes.

HLS can be sure that while they continue to experiment on animals, there will always be people doing everything they can to try and stop them.

Until all are free



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