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Friday, 12th October

This Friday, London activists visited AstraZeneca’s shareholders Axa and BlackRock.

While protesting outside Axa HQ (5 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1AD, Tel: 020 7920 5900), a passerby asked us: "If we don’t test on animals, would you mind if we test on you?" People have been brainwashed to believe that animal experimentation is necessary. There is advanced technology, which produces accurate results. New drugs can be tested on human cells. Human tissues, including surgical ‘waste’, can reveal how a drug will affect a particular organ. ‘Lab-on-a-chip’ and ‘clinical trial in a test tube’ technologies are methods used to mimic drug effects on the whole body, and to create mini immune systems from donated blood. Additional technological methods include the use of human DNA chips, computer models (virtual organs) and microdosing. And YES! new technologies have the potential to replace animal research.

After one hour protesting outside Axa HQ, we moved onto BlackRock Investment Management UK Limited (12 Throgmorton Avenue, London, EC2N 2DL, Tel: 020 7743 3000), the largest shareholder of AstraZeneca. Outside the BlackRock building, in an open area, there was a Breast Cancer Campaign stall. The canvassers were collecting donations. This charity funds vivisection. According to them, the use of animals is necessary to find a cure for cancer. What they don’t mention is that animal cancer is not the same as human cancer. While researchers have been successful in curing cancer in mice, those cures have not been translated to humans, and therefore, data from animal cancers do not help us predict cancer (and its treatment and cure) in humans.

Those who support animal research are misled. Animal experimentation is barbaric and unsupportable on moral, scientific and medical grounds.
We will continue speaking for the voiceless, locked inside HLS, and fighting against prejudice, ignorance and indifference until HLS has closed down once and for all.

SHAC London



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