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Tuesday, 2nd October

Activists once again met outside the offices of Legal & General in Hove today, where we were visited by the police who seemed quite keen on knowing why we where there! When we explained why we were there, that Legal & General are a large shareholder of AstraZeneca who are a customer of the multiple exposed Huntingdon Life Sciences they promised to come on our next demo: yeah, right! (We don't think that it because they care about the plight of the animals being abused inside HLS though).

There will be demos ad infinitum, until the world recognises the right of all sentient beings not to be harmed. Though Legal & General continue to deny their links with animal abuse at HLS (or even with AstraZeneca). We know that they continue to own a large amount of equity stock of AstraZeneca and we also know that some of the staff at L&G are becoming more aware of their company's dealings and misinformation. You only have to check out L&G's shareholders to see that they are a major player in AstraZeneca.

Also, as usual many of the neighboring companies are finding out about the inconsistencies of L&G's ethical policy and their corporate hypocrisy.

Until all are free



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