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Saturday, 20th October

Protesters returned to the home of Danaher Senior Vice President Jonathan Graham for a flash protest, just one week after a noisy residential protest amped up by bright police lights, This time a short flash protest may have beaten the police response time, but a neighbor shined a red laser from an unknown device through an open window.

Danaher Corporation is the corporate parent of Beckman Coulter, supplier of laboratory equipment to puppy-killing Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS. Danaher and Beckman Coulter have been issued letters, protests at their corporate HQ and the homes of key executives have been frequent and unrelenting.

Despite the desperate attempt of neighbors to intimidate protesters, the protest was continued until the originally planned time was up. At that point, activists left the area.

Danaher and Beckman Coulter, these protests will not stop and will continue with more intensity and frequency, until you do the right thing and sever all ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences. You are complicit in the murders that go on behind closed doors at HLS and will be treated as such.

In DC, there is no sleep for the wicked! Until Every Cage is Empty!

Video: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ee0_1350784159

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