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Saturday, 1st August

The AstraZeneca Knock Out week of action has finished! AZ have had a tough time - global protests have turned their neighbours against them and sent their buildings into lockdown (see the news feed for demo reports), endless phone calls have jammed their phone lines, hundreds of emails have blocked their mail systems, they've had to deactivate the comments on their Facebook pages to stop the constant stream of messages from activists and their customers have been told the sick truth about them on Twitter.

It's been an awesome week of action thanks to all the hard working and passionate activists who got involved and stood up to fight for the animals.

What next? So the Knock Out week is over, but there's still a lot of work to do in the struggle to close Huntingdon Life Sciences. Regular protests will continue against our top target AstraZeneca, as well as all the other companies that are stupid and greedy enough to work with the hell hole lab. We've already got our sights set on the target for our next day of action - more on this soon. Let's keep the momentum going and maintain the pressure on everyone dealing with HLS. Contact us to join protests against your local targets. Innocent animals are under attack - act NOW and fight back!

For more info on how you can help save the animals imprisoned inside the lab, visit: www.shac.net/action/get_active.html

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Check our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily updates and actions and encourage your friends to join in.

Keep targeting the people responsible for HLS torturing animals, until every cage is empty.

For the animals dying inside HLS,
Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)

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