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Friday, 14th September

Today was certainly the perfect day for protesting as we arrived at the AstraZeneca Global headquarters in London, just in time to expose to the large number of commuters on their lunch break the atrocities that AstraZeneca pay for inside HLS. Commuters where not only left stunned to learn of the horrific torture of animals which AstraZeneca is happy to fund, but they were even more shocked once they learnt that their list of victims also includes human beings. Once again we found that people were taking a second look at out placards and time out of their busy schedule to listen to what we had to say about this company, so much so that one of us was encouraged to continue exposing AstraZeneca for what they really are, monsters.

It was not all bliss however as security guards were soon sent out to put an end to our peaceful protest, fortunately we didn’t give up and managed to stick around long enough to be able to shout out every single crime that AstraZeneca has committed, not only against animals but also against unsuspecting people who are now paying the price for using their drugs.

After visiting AstraZeneca we moved on to pay a visit to BlackRock, one of AZ’s major shareholders. Once there we immediately set up out front and began naming and shaming BlackRock for continuing to invest in a company that pays for the killing of 500 animals a day inside HLS, who continue to sell drugs that have caused severe side effects to their users, causing an outcry from people who are now seeking compensation. It is still difficult to believe that a successful company such as BlackRock who should be fully capable of finding new business, is still choosing to continue investing is AstraZeneca. Until they make the ethical decision we will be there to remind them of the disgusting things they are responsible for. We will never rest until they sell their shares in the torture and murder of innocent beings.

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