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Monday, 17th September

Day after day we are fighting against vivisection around the world, but let’s keep in mind that the companies responsible for those crimes are also polluting the environment, driving people to misery and are potentially dangerous as a biological source of disease. Such is the case of Monsanto. All around the world they are destroying vegetal and animal lives, their genetically modified organisms are a weapon against biodiversity, local economies and culture. Those things are well known by the people who stand against Monsanto, but vivisection is still a taboo. Perhaps because so many companies still refuse to use scientific methods of testing their products or because there is a fear of getting sick, possibly with no cure, so people justify their agreement with vivisection, even in silence. This is what passivity does: it makes you a part, an accomplice with whatever is happening. This is why we choose action and why we choose SHAC.

Many countries did protests, calling for Monsanto to close, to stop polluting and killing people. Here in Argentina, the case with this company is very serious because they have taken control of the majority of soya and corn agriculture, which is used mostly for feedlot animal feeding (pigs, cows and chickens), soya sauce and ultimately also for biodiesel. The impact on America’s nature is tremendous and Monsanto's pesticides like ‘Round Up Ready’ are already causing damage to children and unborn babies.

The protest in Buenos Aires consisted of acting, singing and painting, along with music and cultural dancing. We were around 500 people in Buenos Aires and 10,000 in Cordoba (a province where people already feel the deadly power of Monsanto). Other cities like Tucumal, Parana, Rosario and Bahia Blanca also joined the global protests.

We aim to make everyone aware of what vivisection is and we are sure that they would not approve of it.

Keep up the struggle!

SHAC Argentina


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