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Tuesday, 18th September

Activists met outside the offices of Legal and General in Hove on Tuesday. We had prepared our speeches carefully in response to a rumour we had heard, that Legal and General were telling their staff that they were not in any way involved with animal experiments at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We spelled out the connection to them; L&G have shares in the discredited pharma giant Astrazeneca, who apart from torturing tens of thousands of animals themselves, also contract out animal experiments to HLS.

We also took along our new boards that cite examples of findings and penalties that have been imposed on Astrazeneca in the USA, for bribing doctors, price 'fixing' and 'hiding' unfavourable results from it's drug Seroquel.

This is what the boards say:

In 2009, Astrazeneca 'buried' unfavourable study findings on it's anti psychotic drug Seroquel. The company used fraudulent descriptions to obscure Seroquel's failed efficacy and its serious side effects -diabetes -weight gain -heart problems

In 2010, Astrazeneca was investigated by the US government for paying bribes to increase their sales overseas. They were later raided by the European Commission for keeping cheaper copies of their medicines off the market.

Also in 2010, Astrazeneca paid out nearly $1 billion in fines and penalties for mis-marketing their drugs in the USA and in court settlements for adverse drug side effects.

In August 2011, Astrazeneca was indicted in Serbia for alleged bribery. The indictment accused local Astrazeneca employees of having made improper payments to physicians at the institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia. - One of the accused committed suicide.

This is just the start Legal and General, we have plenty more examples of wrong doings at Astrazeneca. You are aware of all the controversy surrounding Astrazeneca and yet you still have shares in them.

Why is that, something to do with greed perhaps?....Shame on you.

Until all are free



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