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Thursday, 25th April

Today a SHAC protestor attended the AGM of AstraZeneca PLC at the prestigious Lancaster London Hotel near Hyde Park. When the time came for questions to the board, a SHAC activist addressed AstraZeneca chairman Leif Johansson with the statement:

"AstraZeneca continue to invest in Huntingdon Life Sciences, the most notorious animal testing laboratory in Europe, responsible for the deaths of 500 innocent animals every single day. I am not opposed to medical research, I am opposed to the use of non-human beings in tests which they cannot consent to. So, I urge AstraZeneca to drop Huntingdon Life Sciences and invest solely in humane methods of research."

Having read the statement, and no reply coming from AstraZeneca, the activist then walked away from the lectern and walked out of the hotel.

There is no excuse, AstraZeneca, now that your entire board of directors and some of your biggest shareholders have been told about your dealings with the Huntingdon Life Sciences torture factory, for you to continue to bury your head in the sand. You will be continue to be a target of the SHAC campaign, whether it's your AGM or all the way down to your smallest shareholder, we will not rest until you do the right thing and cut your ties with HLS.

Until all are free,

SHAC London


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