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Saturday, 27th April

Lunchtime in Los Angeles animal rights activists participated in the US week of action against US Bank during World Week for Animals in laboratories for recently being exposed by SHAC for loaning Huntingdon Life Sciences, a contracted animal testing laboratory, a 120 million dollar loan.

The demonstration got kicked off at noon when around 15 activists armed with megaphones and placards with graphic images of the animals murdered inside of HLS surrounded the US Bank Tower in downtown LA. Activists used their megaphones to inform the public inside and outside of the building about the horrors that go on inside of HLS.

Activists spoke about the beagles that have been punched in the face, the countless primates that have been tortured to no end, the rats that have been forced to inhale vaporized unleaded gasoline, and the millions of dollars that have been wasted on fraudulent science that has lead to nothing more than innocent lives lost and prolonging real cures from being discovered.

Throughout the demonstration pedestrians were approaching activists and they were appalled that US Bank would involve themselves with such a evil company as HLS. One family discussed the possibility of terminating all of their US Bank accounts. Over the course of a hour and a half 400 leaflets were passed out informing the public about US Banks dealings with Huntingdon.

Towards the end of the protest US Bank's security guards decided to batter several of the women at the protest, which resulted in a uproar by the activists. Surrounding the security guards with megaphones and placards. The security guards intended to intimidate the activists but their assaults only fueled the fire escalating the demonstration.

This protest is the beginning of a US campaign against US Bank Corp. Through coordinated actions, consistency, and understanding we will ensure that US Bank cuts their ties with HLS and that Huntingdon will go out of business once and for all.

Until all are free,

Shut Down HLS LA



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