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Friday, 5th April

The day started with a surprise visit to the office of Vietnam Airlines. Vietnam Airlines transport animals from Asia to be used in European and American laboratories such as HLS. They are one of just three airlines that still transport primates to be used in barbaric experimentation. We informed them of what a disgusting company they are – we left them assured that we will continue to be on their doorstep until they stop profiting from the murder of innocent animals in unscientific and out-dated experiments.

After standing outside of Vietnam Airlines’ office for a while we moved onto our next target, AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is one of the most disgusting and immoral companies in existence – contributing to the murder of 500 animals every day at HLS as well as testing on the poorest and most vulnerable people in developing countries. Campaigners walked right up to the building in which their head office is situated; chants of “AstraZeneca – ANIMAL ABUSERS! HLS – CLOSE THEM DOWN!” echoed throughout the site.

US Bank was the next stop for us; this bank is the sole reason as to why Huntingdon Life Sciences is still around. Without US Bank giving HLS a lifeline in the form of a loan, the hell hole would have gone into liquidation years ago. Security appeared to go into panic mode as soon as we turned up, they locked all but one of the doors in an attempt to stop the people inside of the building hearing the truth about US Bank. After engaging with the public about what a disgusting company US Bank has given money to, chants of, “WE’LL BE BACK! WE’LL BE BACK!” filled the air, rest assured US Bank; we will be back!

Campaigners then paid a visit to AXA. AXA are a massive shareholder in AstraZeneca, a major customer of HLS; we wanted to let them know that money they earn as a result of this is laced with the blood of thousands of innocent animals. Security were extremely annoyed about us being there, one informed us that every time there’s a protest there they have to spend an additional three hours filling out paperwork in an attempt to get us to leave – one cannot even compare filling out some paperwork to the suffering and torture endured by the animals inside HLS and AstraZeneca. The police then turned up and were quite pushy and aggressive towards the peaceful campaigners. This didn't faze us, we continued to chant and let AXA know that as long as you deal with HLS, you can expect to deal with us!

Overall, an extremely successful day. Many leaflets were handed out and the public were informed about what goes on inside HLS. The companies that are involved in HLS were also left knowing that we are not going away. We urge everybody to get involved with SHAC and campaign against the disgusting vivisection industry.

Until every cage in empty.

SHAC London




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