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Friday, 15th February

A dozen activists gathered in front of AstraZeneca's headquarters near Paris. Before we even started, a worker was trying to take pictures of the protesters with a mocking smile.

A neighbour told us that AstraZeneca were saying that we were tired and that we would stop protests at their doors (before the campaign against Air France we used to give them regular visits for the SHAC campaign).

We made a point by shouting out that we haven't forgotten them and that we will be back soon if they send the beagles to HLS.

A banner with "Cette entreprise gagne de l'argent sur la souffrance animale" ( = This company makes money out of the suffering of animals) written on it got the attention of many passers-by, a lot of leaflets were given out and many people showed us their support and were very concerned about the situation.

The workers complained about the noise we were making. How can someone complain about a few hours of chants and speeches through a megaphone while animals are living dreadful lives of suffering and pain in vivisection laboratories?

We were there for two reasons. First to show our support to the campaign happening at the moment in Sweden to save the lives of the dogs likely to be send to HLS or another vivisection laboratory. But we were also there to insist on the fact that they had to stop torturing animals for their drugs and cut their ties with HLS once and for all.

Until all are free and every cage is empty!



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