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Wednesday, 20th February

The Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd offices at Hove were visited on Wednesday 20th by SAFA campaigners, who urged them to sell their shares in AstraZeneca (AZ). AZ kills nearly 400,000 animals per year in horrific experiments and conducts clinical trials in India, using poor Indians as guinea pigs, killing people in the process.

Some campaigners stood outside the main entrance, near the car park, holding banners, placards and giving speeches with megaphones, while others walked to the other entrance, very close to Legal and General reception.

When L&G staff saw us, they exclaimed ‘You can’t escape from them!’

Whilst we were peacefully giving out leaflets to L&G employees, who were coming out to buy their lunch, a security guard came outside and stuck to us like chewing gum. One of us took a picture of the 'embarrassing' security guard, who was preventing us from protesting. He retaliated aggressively, physically grabbing the arms and pushing. He did not know anything about protesters’ rights and whilst reporting the incident on his radio, he was asked to go inside the building. Later on a more professional and polite colleague replaced him.

Legal and General employees don’t like to hear that the company they work for invest in the act of cutting, blinding, burning, drugging, infecting, addicting, shooting, shocking, freezing and surgically mutilating live animals such as monkeys, rabbits, cats, mice and dogs. For them, profits are more important than ethic or morals. We’ll make sure that Legal and General lose reputation until they do the right thing and stop investing in the horrors of the hidden vivisection industry.

Until every cage is empty!



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