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Monday, 4th February

US Bank National Association, a subsidiary of US Bank Corp. has been uncovered by SHAC as the largest ever lender ($120 million) to controversial animal testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)

HLS have existed mainly on debt since 1998 and through campaigning lost their market-makers, shareholders, suppliers and customers over the years. Along with declining revenue and loss of orders from important customers as the global pharmaceutical industry make cutbacks, staff redundancies, the future continues to be uncertain for the multiple exposed animal testing laboratory.

Huntingdon's current financial outlook continues to be shaky, with two lots of job cuts in 2012 across their UK sites, with a dropping order book and the start of a campaign against US Bank, their main 2009 buyout lender. HLS is a company with a financial track record as equally abysmal as their animal welfare standards and we will not stand by while companies involve themselves with the most unthinkable animal cruelty and abuse.

For more information about Huntingdon's financials and about the US Bank campaign and how you can get involved, please visit: www.shac.net/action/US_Bank/index.html

Until all are free - Love, rage and solidarity - SHAC



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