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Friday, 11th January

SHAC campaigners once again visited AstraZeneca (AZ) HQ in Paddington, and the major shareholder, BlackRock HQ, in the City.

The pharmaceutical giant, with a primary focus on the discovery, development and commercialisation of prescription medicines for gastro, cardio, neuroscience, respiratory and inflammation, oncology and infectious disease, test their drugs inside the most notorious animal testing laboratory in the world: Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

AZ has been caught funding barbaric experiments with monkeys inside HLS. Some of them were found with missing limbs, skin problems, open wounds and had routinely escaped from cages, often injuring themselves. An undercover worker filmed these monkeys being strapped into specially made restraining chairs, while being forced to inhale toxic chemicals. The animals were so scared that they prolapsed, ate and vomited their own faeces, had nose bleeds and collapsed because of great stress.

When confronted with the reality of what they paid for inside HLS, AZ responded by saying the monkeys “did not suffer”.

AZ also conducts clinical trials in India. They take advantage of poor illiterate Indians who might otherwise have no access to healthcare. They treat them as guinea pigs, testing without proper consent and knowledge. Administration is outsourced to ‘ethical’ committees which have been found to work in collusion with drug companies and doctors, raising concerns over conduct and sponsorship issues. Participants are often killed during the course of these trials, which are the final testing for AZ's drugs prior to approval and marketing in the US.

According to AZ’s website: “We also have strict procedures for making sure that patients fully understand possible benefits and risks before taking part in a trial. Their informed consent to taking part must be obtained before a trial begins and participants are free to withdraw from a trial at any time without explanation.”

AZ has faced more than 14,000 suits in U.S. state and federal courts alleging their blockbuster drug Seroquel to cause diabetes in their users. AstraZeneca ignores known side effects and poisoned thousands of its own customers. It's time to hold pharma companies accountable for putting profits over safety and valuing share price above animal and human life.

AstraZeneca only care about their profits, animal and human lives are just another comodity to them. Moving beagles to HLS, the most exposed testing lab in the world with a proven record of animal cruelty - and AstraZeneca say that the beagle's welfare is very important to them! Help stop the trafficking of animals to cruel labs. Get involved.


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