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Friday, 21st June

The city certainly knew that shac were on the streets this Friday, when 15 activists lined up outside the offices of those that profit out of pain and misery and let it be known how they made their dirty, bloody profits!

We started at US Bank, where we stayed for an hour before going onto AXA, who are conveniently located just across the road, no need to even roll up the banner! We stayed there an hour, attracting the attention of many passers by who eagerly took our leaflets.

We stopped for a quick drink and planned where we would go next, BlackRock was decided upon and so we paid them a visit. We know they can hear us loud and clear as someone inside tweeted SHAC the week before and asked us to shut up, haha, thanks for confirming that we are having an impact!!!

Next on the list was Legal and General, who care as little for humans as they do animals, since they have no problem being involved in the production of cluster bombs. Staff at the offices lined up on the first floor to watch and listen.

Listen good L&G, we will keep the pressure up until you stop funding torture and death.

We still had time and energy to re visit Axa and US Bank at the end of the day and say "have a great weekend" to those who's salaries are paid for with the blood of animals and humans.

Shame on you all, enjoy spending your blood money.

SHAC London

Until all are free and every cage is empty!


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