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Thursday, 27th June

LIBERATOR is a fictional gritty vigilante adventure with underground animal rights heroes who, instead of fighting guys in capes and tights are taking on real-world villains such as dog fighters, vivisectors and the like. LIBERATOR is inspired by the real men and women of the animal liberation underground and is being published by Black Mask Studios, a comic book publisher founded by vegans, vegetarians and punks, for distribution worldwide in mainstream comic book stores alongside titles like Batman and Spider-Man.

The goal for LIBERATOR was to use a compelling story, kickass characters and professional comic book artists to bring animal issues to new eyes - a graphic novel readership who already supports the idea of masked vigilantes taking action for the underdog. I also wanted to help bring a fresh, new readership to comics, and to help fund our dog rescue work in New York City, USA. All Matt's profit share goes to dog rescue work - 100% of it. See: www.mattminer.net

Orbital Comics is one of London's finest comic book shops and has been a big supporter of LIBERATOR from the very start. They have a good stock of LIBERATOR issue #1 in their shop now and are carrying every subsequent issue hereafter. LIBERATOR is released monthly.

Orbital's website: http://www.orbitalcomics.com/

Until all are free and every cage is empty!



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