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Friday, 28th June

On Friday, London campaigners were once again on the streets of London to stand up for the 500 animals killed in HLS every single day.

First up was AstraZeneca's HQ (at 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington, London W2 6BD Tel: 020 7604 8000). AstraZeneca is one of HLS' long-standing customers and is therefore a major target in the campaign. Security got pushy with some of the activists but they were undeterred.

Next up was AstraZeneca shareholder Legal and General (at 1 Coleman St, London EC2R 5AA Tel: 020 3124 2000). Legal and General's staff dont seem to like us being there, well there is only one solution tell management to sell your companies shares in AstraZeneca!

Then on to US Bank Corporate Trust (at 125 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AR, 5th Floor Tel: 0207 330 2119, 0207 330 2199, 0207 330 2103). US Bank is HLS' biggest financier. US Bank is located inside the old Stock Exchange building along with numerous other companies.

AXA UK plc (at 5 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1AD, Tel: 0845 600 3034) is another AstraZeneca shareholder. Staff leaving work were met with chants informing them of the truth about what their company is supporting. Some tried leaving via the side door but activists popped-up there as well – AXA staff you cant hide from reality!

Deal with HLS, deal with us!

SHAC London



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