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Friday, 7th June

Today we decided that we would give the AstraZeneca offices in Luton a visit. One of the biggest customers of HLS, AstraZeneca contribute to the 500 animals murdered inside HLS every day as well as murdering animals in their own laboratories. Not content with just murdering animals with their unsafe drugs, they also test on people in the third world. Currently, 10,000 people in the USA are suing AstraZeneca because of the adverse effects of their drugs – how many more people and animals have to die before this company realise that animal testing is completely unreliable?

We approached the building from the staff car park; sirens from the megaphones were blaring and chants of, “Animal torture, animal pain! AstraZeneca are to blame!” filled the air. We proceeded to walk through the car park to the back door where we made sure that everyone inside of the building knew what a disgusting company they work for, because it’s your job; your fault!

Once we were at the front of building a few activists decided to go around the building so that all of the workers (and neighbours) could hear what we had to say. Security locked all of the doors to the building thus nobody could get in or out. The Police then showed up and got a little bit pushy, as usual. They then issued a section 14 which meant that we had to leave after a short period of time, clearly if they had to go to such an extent to get rid of us then we must have really made an impact on them.

AstraZeneca, we’ll see you soon!

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