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Friday, 1st March

SHAC activists, who met at Victoria railway station last Friday were watched from a distance by a posse of police officers.

However It didn't deter us and so off we set to our first port of call: Astrazeneca, a notorious and discredited pharmaceutical company located at 2 Kingdom Street, near Paddington.

Our strong protest was loud and informative; telling the passing public about the +300 innocent beagles deprived the right of life and freedom by callous and uncaring AstraZeneca. Many people were interested and took our leaflets. We were clearly having an impact on AstraZeneca, as our entire protest was filmed by a member of AstraZeneca security. Do we care? No! Are we embarrassed? No!

As the protest progressed, more people were joining us and we were tweeting and passing on details of our protest with other animal rights groups around the UK; 2000 people were following our movements and spurring us on.

We moved onto China Eastern Airlines, who transported 15,000 primates from breeding farms in China to North America animal labs every year. They were greatly shocked at our numbers as well as the attention we were attracting from local businesses and passers by. We left them chanting "we'll be back... we'll be back".

As luck would have it, on our way to the next animal abusing company, we came across a shop selling fur, (Evona, at 7 Thayer St London Greater London W1U 3JH‎. Tel: 020 7935 6080) so we couldn't resist doing a quick demo there too. We were on a roll!

As we travelled some of our group held up their posters on the underground, which attracted a lot of attention from passengers, I don't know why we haven't done this before!

And so onto US Bank Corporate Trust, a subsidiary of US Bank, which was uncovered as the latest institution to step in and provide a loan and rescue HLS from collapse. Again we left no one passing that building in any doubt as to why we were there; to name and shame US Bank, which has no problem investing in a company that tortures and kills 500 animals every single day.

By now people were leaving work and we could not keep up with people asking for leaflets, in the end we ran out completely!

We finished the day at AXA HQ, another company with no morals or scruples; a company that is well aware of what a disgusting and discredited company AstraZeneca is, but is still prepared to invest in them. 

All in all a brilliant day, a day that was loud, energetic and effective. We were exhausted but it was worth it.

Thank you so much to all those who spent the day with us, we couldn't have done it without you.

As we have said before, look out all you animal abusers because "We'll be back"!

SHAC London



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