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On-going, March 2013

Astrazeneca has been in the news the past couple of weeks, not for their obscene profit margins, or the failure of their drugs, or supporting HLS, but for transporting more than 300 beagles in the dead of night, from their breeding facility in Örkelljunga, Sweden, to their Macclesfield site in Manchester.

Activists from different campaigns pleaded for the beagles to be rehomed, but Astrazeneca refused. Instead, determined to squeeze the last bit of use and profit out of a living being, and so sent them to the UK, where they will be experimented on and killed.

On the first night of the transportation, sad and moving scenes were filmed in Sweden, showing activists protesting as the dogs were being loaded onto a plane. They could hear the dogs crying. Dogs and protestors were equally distressed. Protesters were held at bay by police officers.

These scenes were sent via social media and within an hour Manchester Airport facebook page was being besieged by AR's and the public alike, condemning the airport for profiting out of transporting the beagles to certain death.

The news of the beagle transportation went viral and activists were outside the Macclesfield site the next day, with more planned protests to follow.

The second night the beagles were being moved by road and Swedish activists attempted to stop the transportation, putting themselves bodily in front of the moving vehicles, their gestures were futile as police dragged them out of the way, allowing free passage for the discreet, unmarked vans from Impex carrying their live cargo.

Unfortunately this was never going to be another Green Hill. But we can still give AstraZeneca hell! Protests continue at AstraZeneca, for more information, see: https://www.facebook.com/browndoginfo

Video: http://vimeo.com/60797768


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