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Friday, 17th May

We started the day off by coming across some uneducated and aggressive falconry handlers. We then headed to AXA where we highlighted their connection with HLS.

After this we headed to US Bank & another AXA office where we chanted and made passers-by aware of the support they are giving to notorious animal abusers/killers.

We then proceeded to Legal and General where a power hungry security guard was outside and highlighted the workers inside their company's involvement with animal abuse.

After this we went to pay Blackrock a visit. At Blackrock one of our female activists got assaulted and man handled by both a passerby and a copper - both men! The passerby was constantly getting in our faces trying to start arguments but he just wouldn't listen to what we had to say. He then grabbed one of the cameras in which he broke.

Whilst all this was happening the police stood by and watched. If that was one of us, there is no doubt we'd be in handcuffs straight away; whilst he walked off free after committing two criminal offences (as apparently assault and criminal damage doesn't warrant an arrest when it's against a protestor).

We headed back to US Bank where we gave the employees a going home message. Whilst they get to go back to a loving family they are putting animals through unbearable torment.

We will continue to fight until HLS has been smashed!

SHAC London


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