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"I want to tell you of a patient that I was called to some years ago.

I was a paramedic for twenty years and this is just one case amidst hundreds where the adverse side effects of drugs have serious consequences.

The patients’ husband had called us because his wife had suddenly begun vomiting large amounts of blood. On questioning the husband, I discovered that she had recently been prescribed some tablets for arthritis, these tables being ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory.

On looking at our drug information book, I was annoyed to see that the side effects included bleeding and ulceration, and that was apart from headache, dizziness, vertigo, hearing disturbances, blood in the urine, renal failure, liver damage and blood disorder.

This patient had obviously suffered the bleeding from these tablets and I later learned that she was taken off this medicine.

This case prompted me to examine the side effects of other drugs which are given to people the results of which astounded me. Doctors will tell you all drugs have side effects but very often they fail to say what those side effects are and how many there are.

I bet doctors don’t tell a patient who is suffering with depression that the ‘medicine’ seroxat which is widely prescribed for that condition has up to no less than thirty different side effects which also includes suicidal feelings!

How do drugs that have so many side effects (some of which prove fatal) get onto the market? Simple; the pharmaceutical companies get the drugs tested on animals (who have a completely different physical make up to humans) they then depending on the results, let them loose onto the unsuspecting public where the real testing takes place, hopefully there is no way that drugs with such horrendous side effects would ever be used had they showed such effects when tested on animals.

I became a paramedic because I cured for my fellow humans, I also care for all the other creatures that I share this planet with and find it both abhorrent and futile to test substances and drugs on them. It sickens me to hear pharmaceutical companies and the companies who do the testing that they do it out of compassion for the human race, their intent does not lie in having healthy people, simply because there is no profit in that.

If these companies are so effective in relation to illnesses why is it that heart related diseases i.e. – angina, coronary heart attacks have quadrupled over the last few years? Why has asthma, diabetes and all forms of cancer tripled in number? They have no interest in preventative medicine, they should stop conning the public and for the sake of the public they should stop testing on animals.



"My name is Gill. I’m 47 years old and a registered Nurse with a practice preference history for care of the mentally ill and infirm due to for instance Alzheimers or other dementia–related illness.

HLS came to my attention after watching covert photography inside HLS on a TV programme ‘It’s a dog’s life’. A vivisector was punching, kicking and throwing against a wall a terrified beagle dog not compliant enough in its docile terror for this foul–mouthed sub-human specimen of humanity.

I went to HLS one Friday this year. The vast flatness of the buildings. The tall chimneys and barbed wire fencing. The cold eyes of the guards, irritation on the police's faces, standing in the frosty coldness. The silence and sadness put me in mind of TV footage of Auschwitz concentration camp. Animals were cargoed in, vans and lorries gaining access.

I could recount numerous experiences to you of daily life death, courage, human courage and sacrifice, but standing outside HLS was the 2nd saddest day of my life.

The experiments are unnecessary. The safety of human health cannot rely on these vile experiments. There is no public accountability and home office inspectors are inadequate, incompetent and collaborative.

If this government put human health and welfare above foreign investment and financial gain, they would invest more in relevant and reliable methods and close HLS forever.

HLS is hell on earth, and none of us need it."



"My name is Yvette Wilson and I am a Research Nurse running clinical trials for people with Cancer. The purpose of the trials is to evaluate or compare the effectiveness of a particular chemotherapy drug or a combination of Chemotherapy drugs.

The drugs are very toxic, and cause many serious side effects from kidney and liver damage to death. All these drugs have been tested on animals or are produced using animals such as monoclonal antibodies, and proven safe to use on humans. If they are safe why do they harm so many people? If they work why is cancer on the increase? If animal experiments work why have we not found a cure for Cancer?

The fact remains that animal experiments are a total farce, they do not work. Most of the cancers suffered by humans would never be seen in an animal, and have to be artificially induced in a laboratory. How can any disease that has to be artificially induced replicate the complex nature of the real disease?

Cancer is a disease of cells and it is at a cellular level that we differ to other non-humans. It thus makes the data collected from animals inaccurate from the very start. It is also a total myth that the cytotoxic drugs available today were developed through animal experiments, the vast majority were found by accident, one example of that being the derivatives of mustard gas used during the first world war.

It was noticed that the gas lowered white blood cells, and today derivatives of these are being used to treat Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system.

I have worked in the medical profession for many years and my stance on vivisection will never change. I have seen and witnessed the fraud and the hypocrisy of vivisection. I know that vivisection does not work, it harms humans and causes the unnecessary suffering of millions of non-humans. I also know that the very environment in which we live, and the lifestyles we choose are responsible for the increase in cancer.

The time has come when we have to take responsibility for our health, the sad thing is, there is no money in good health, well at least not for companies such as Huntingdon Life Sciences and the big pharmaceutical companies who are literally making a killing.

The countless millions wasted on animal experiments could be directed into prevention, which is the only way we will ever cure cancer. The most ironic and maddening thing is that behind the gates of Huntingdon Life Sciences they test the very chemicals that pollute our environment and give us cancer and then they test the drugs used to treat it, how bizarre is that? How wrong is that? How long will they get away with it?

The only way to cure cancer is to stop all animal experiments, and direct the money into real research that will find real cures. To improve and clean up the environment in which we live, and to take more responsibility for our own health, by not smoking, not drinking to excess, eating a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise. I believe it is as simple as that

I will continue my opposition to animal experimentation because I know it is scientifically flawed, it is very bad science and gives misleading and often fatal results. It also directs much needed money away from areas of research, that will find more accurate methods of dealing with human disease.

Vivisection should be relegated to the history books, where it belongs, and the concentration put into ethical, sound, scientific research where we all benefit human and non human."



"My name is Jackie Bradbury and I have been a trained nurse for 30 years.

During that time Science has developed so much that it is not necessary to continue with animal testing.

I am constantly asked to promote charities but have refused all except the ones which are nearest to my heart that being the care of animals.

There are now viable non-animal methods such as the use of cell cultures, microbes, computers and even human clinical trials as we should ultimately take responsibility for our own treatment."



"I am a retired neuro-radiographer and married to a medical consultant. I have been involved in anti- vivisection for about 20 years and I never fail to be amazed by the unscientific animal research which is undertaken as a ‘model for humans’.

Animals used as ‘models’ for humans can range from goldfish for eye nerve research and elephants for LSD research to nine banded armadillos for leprosy research.

I instigated the expose of Professor W Feldberg FRS, at the National Institute of Medical Research, Mill Hill, London in 1989. I had read of his experiments and was shocked by them. He was injecting chemicals such as strychnine and antifreeze directly into the brain of conscious cats. By the time of the expose he was 89 years old. Numerous visits by Home Office Inspectors (27 in the last year alone) had apparently not revealed anything amiss, yet after videotaped evidence of his experiments was handed into the Home Office his licence to experiment on animals was revoked immediately (although it was said he happened to have retired on that day! This was found to be untrue, as he had been allowed a 6-month extension of his licence and contract).

Every undercover expose shows the REAL world of vivisection and the various exposes of Huntingdon Life Sciences have been appalling, with the recent leaked documented information on xenotransplant research (using pigs and monkeys) being suppressed by Court injunction.

Regarding animal experiments, misinformed members of the public often state ‘if it is a choice between the life of my child or a dog, the dog will have to be experimented on’. They don’t realise that if animal experiments were relevant to humans, an experiment on e.g. a dog could be extrapolated to a dog-sized child, or an experiment on a rabbit to a rabbit sized child. This is not the case.

Most medications/’therapies’ given to babies and children have not been licensed for them. They are given scaled down doses from adult HUMAN data on a ‘suck it and see’ basis. It is a small market (forgive the pun) and the drug companies are not willing to invest time and money in trials on children.

It is also notoriously difficult for medical doctors to do clinical trials on children as the parents will often refuse permission. This is strange if the parents really believe in the safety of the previous animal experiments!

The NHS cannot cope with the epidemic of new and chronic illnesses. Out of 30,000 illnesses, 20,000 have no treatment or cure (Bayer advert, 1989). Many diseases such as cancers, Aids, ME, Gulf War Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzeimers, Crohn’s, asthma and autism may well be caused, or facilitated by, animal ’safety’ tested chemicals such as pesticides and vaccines. HLS has been involved in such testing.

I am appalled that such crude, unscientific methods of research using animals and animal tissues still continues. It is a disgrace to science. Such testing should be stopped at once for all our sakes and proper scientific methods, relevant to humans, used NOW."



"As a clinical psychologist I constantly work with the victims of abuse, whether physical, sexual or emotional. As such I have come to deplore the abuse of any innocent creature that cannot defend itself.

One of the worst types of abuse is that which is done solely for financial gain. Despite the message that it trys to portray in the media of being involved in medical research to help people, Huntingdon Life Sciences exists purely as a profit making company.

Many of the products that HLS test, causing pain and suffering to animals, are not medicines, and have no benefit to human beings, only to the finances of the companies that produce them."



"My name is Diana Pullen & I am a registered Nurse working currently in the field of H.I.V. The drugs used to stop the replication of this virus, as with many other drugs, are extremely toxic and there are many sometimes severe and lasting side-effects.

These drugs have all been tested on animals and are then allegedly ‘proved’ safe enough to use on humans.

Vivisection or experimenting on live animals has been used ‘historically’ for centuries yet serious illnesses are still on the increase. I still believe firmly, after 35 years in nursing, that animal experiments are inaccurate, misleading, dangerous and quite unscientific.

Even some vivisectors have admitted that only theory is learned from using animal models and that accurate and reliable data cannot be extrapolated from other animals to humans. Most serious diseases suffered by humans would not be seen in other species, and so are artificially induced in the laboratory setting.

Therefore, how can an artificially-induced disease in these different species replicate the nature of the real disease in humans? There are now many more reliable and scientifically accurate methods of research such as Clinical Observation and Research/Human Studies, Epidemiology, In Vitro Research with Human Tissue and Cell Cultures, Computer Graphics and Molecular Modelling, Genetics, Pathology, Imaging Techniques, and by no means least Prevention, all of which can prove to be cheaper, safer, faster and more consistent and relevant to man. These other methods, together with addressing much more fundamental issues such as reducing environmental pollution, changes in diet and lifestyle, would make a dramatic improvement for us all and our future generations.

I believe that animal experiments are not used for the genuine long-term benefit of mankind but more for competition with one’s contemporaries in science, and also to hasten the processing of academic papers and to exempt pharmaceutical companies from liability when their drugs harm or sometimes even kill people.
I would like to see public debate between vivisectors, scientists and researchers from all establishments from all establishments, open policies on Scientific/Medical Research/Procedures where we can all readily access information and finally I would like to be provided with a list of major medical achievements/breakthroughs for humankind that can be directly attributed to animal experimentation. Sadly it seems that illness has found a permanent place in our societies and has become ‘big business’. We have so much knowledge and yet so little wisdom.

The following quote from Aids campaigner and activist and co-founder of Gay Rights group ‘Outrage’ Peter Tatchell seems totally appropriate. “We all want a cure and a vaccine for HIV as soon as possible. But it cannot be right to seek a remedy for HIV through the deliberate infliction of suffering on other sentient species in the laboratory, especially when there are other cruelty-free methods and when research findings with other species cannot be generalised to human beings because of vastly different physiology …all sentient animals – human and non-human – have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, irrespective of their species, race, sex, class, disability or sexual orientation."



"I am a Registered Nurse with BSc degree and a University Diploma in Health Studies.

I am anti vivisection. My compassion extends to all sentient beings.

I have seen the video of HLS workers punching puppies, I have read the briefing of the Diaries of Despair which asks for a judicial enquiry into
the unlawful acts which took place at HLS regarding the illegal severe suffering of animals. Appalling!!

I do not believe the strong have a moral right to do what they like to the vulnerable and the voiceless. What a shameful premise!! Vivisection has no place in the 21st Century.

'Vivivsection is man's blackest deed' Gandhi



"I have been nursing patients for around five years. I have worked with the elderly, children, the disabled, and at present mentally ill and most often violent people who are under section in a high security hospice.

Throughout my career, I have concluded, alongside many colleagues, that experiments upon animals are completely unnecessary, detrimental and an irrelevance to the human patient.

I have been unfortunate enough to work with the end result of animal tested drugs. Thalidomide, a sedative drug that was tested on animals to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women, worked on animals but crippled and deformed thousands of children.

Why do these companies like HLS continue to experiment on animals? Simple; to line their own pockets off the backs of animals and humans. Once the drugs have crippled and caused side effects, other drugs need to be made and tested to make the patient more ‘comfortable’. Drugs tested on animals scar for life.

These companies can also say the relevant ‘safety’ tests were made and so therefore can be found not guilty in court; like the makers of thalidomide who in addition admitted in court that animal experiments are not an accurate model for human beings.

In my professional opinion, Huntingdon Life Sciences are slowly killing all living species. The sooner this place closes the better for the interest of both animals and human life. HLS is nothing more than just a concentration camp for innocent beings, and a profit motivated and orientated one at that.

HLS will close – I know SHAC will not rest until it does – SHAC has my full support.



"My name is Sue and I have been working with young people who have learning difficulties and neurological conditions for over 20 years.

Throughout those years I have seen the disastrous side effects of animal tested drugs.

One epileptic drug made by a HLS customer caused people to have over-grown gums resulting in much pain and discomfort. If animal research was effective these side effects would have been predicted but it is not and yet again people suffered due to this inaccurate methodology.

Countless other drugs and products have been withdrawn from the shelves in the last few years alone. There is a repetitive problem and that is that the animal tests do not bring out an accurate measure of the side effects and when the medication is administered to the patients many illnesses are caused.

Animal research holds up medical progress. It is fraudulent and morally wrong. I want to see an end to HLS because this company is profiteering from pointless research and causing suffering in the process.

To see video footage on national television of HLS employees falsifying test data and misdosing animals fills me with horror – do these people not realise that it is the lives of millions of people like you and I in their hands and their lack of care could result in the next big medical disaster?

Animal tests don’t work – you can believe medically unqualified animal technicians, PR officers and accountants who work inside Huntingdon Life Sciences or you can listen to the opinion of myself and an ever increasing number of medical professionals who are opposed to this unaccurate practice, the choice is yours but while animal research continues so will unpredictable drug side effects."



"I served for many years as a staff nurse in the Accident & Emergency department of a busy city hospital.

I have seen first hand many patient's conditions was made worse by the drugs doctors gave them. Of course the patients never had a clue that their illness had been aggravated by animal tested medicines.

For the sake of human as well as animal health vivisection must be abolished immediately"



"As a long time nursing sister I have seen innumerable adverse effects on people taking prescription drugs that are tested on animals.

A couple were Diebitis Mellitis induced from medication prescribed for a totally different and unrelated illness, and a lady becoming paraplegic from a drug administered intrathecally.

I have personal experience of developing chronic respiratory problems from taking medication for a minor medical problem.

All my nursing life I have opposed the unscientific, unsafe, misleading and downright dangerous consequences of vivisection.

HLS must be closed down along with the entire vivisection industry and be replaced with non-animal research. This is the true scientific way to advance safe medical progress.

The Prime Minister should hang his head in shame for extolling and advocating vivisection. Perhaps he does not know or care that the third biggest killer of humans is prescription drugs that have all been tested in animals. He appears to be ignorant of this vile industry but then we all know that all it is about is money."



"My introduction to animal experiments was through school science. Like Huntingdon Life Sciences it had nothing to do with life. The animals were already dead and I was asked to cut them up. To my shame I did not refuse outright and dissected a rat and a dogfish all in the name of educational advancement and qualifications.

At the time I still ate meat and had never given much consideration to the animal world, it being largely outside the realm of my direct experience. Nevertheless I knew at the time that I was doing something wrong and wholly unnecessary. I vowed to myself that I would never do it again.

Later at university I was exposed to animal experimentation at a new level. As a psychology student at University College London I was taught about the use of live animals in experiments and encouraged to take part myself. The history of psychology and vivisection go hand in hand and many of the theoretical models of human behaviour are based on statistical analysis of animal experiments. Inevitably almost all of the millons of animals used by psychologists have endured suffering and ultimately death. As well as physical harm phychologists also inflict deliberate mental torture on their subjects.

It was at university that I was introduced to establishment figures who have built their reputations on the backs of animal suffering. People like Colin Blakemore and his cruel visual development experiments on kittens. Experiments like his are just the tip of the iceberg and although I refused to take part in practical experimentation on animals it is impossible to obtain a degree without repeated reference to worthless, pointless, cruel and misleading experiments. As a scientist I found this illogical and unscientific. Science was to me about investigating cause and effect using clear and unambiguous procedures – criteria never met by animal experiments. I graduated from university with a good degree but by then was disillusioned with psychology and my exposure to these pointless procedures had contributed to me becoming vegan.

I don’t object the existence of HLS on just these grounds. I stand against all animal testing whatsoever. For any reason. Ever. Large numbers of people still need persuading that animal experiments are worthless and unscientific and that there are ethical, humane, and more logical ways that could be pursued for the benefit of all animals, including humans. The people most strongly advocating the use of animal testing are those with a vested interest in the industry, be they scientists, business people or politicians. They are physical embodiment of this establishment fraud.

Their business has nothing to do with life or science and if we can help close them down it will be a mortal blow against this sick industry, a wake up call to the population and one step forward towards a saner world.




"I have been actively involved within the field of alternative health care for the past 20 years.

I have always been both mystified and appalled by vivisection; mystified because I have yet to find anything to substantiate its efficacy (except to line the pockets of those involved) and appalled because of the suffering, abuse and torment that the animals have to endure.

Vivisection is a pseudo-science. Animals differ from humans both anatomically and physiologically. They suffer from different illnesses to us.

Their biochemistry is different, they digest and metabolise drugs differently, they have different diets and their life spans are much shorter etc. It is therefore a nonsense to expect animal experiments to provide accurate and reliable data.

Many drugs that satisfy animal testing criteria and make it onto the open market go on to create damaging side effects and sometimes even death in humans.

Vivisection is more than just a travesty for the animals its bad news for humans as well. At the end of the day it’s “us” – the humans - that ultimately become the “test model!”

I fully support the Huntingdon Campaign, as I firmly believe there should be no place in our so-called civilised society for vivisection.

I sincerely hope that we, as a country, can lead the way forward, with eventual legislation, to ensure that this outrage is banned to protect both humans and animals alike."




"During summer 1990 I watched the infamous “the animals film” when it was shown at midnight on channel four. As the film unfolded, I experienced the full horror and trauma of seeing evil at work. That feeling has never left me. As I watched the images I knew that nothing in the universe could justify doing those things to fellow living creatures.

Morally, vivisection is totally abhorrent. I will never shift from that view – for me, it is enough to reject everything to do with it.

In recent times, I have experienced homeopathy as a successful replacement for the major surgery. My doctor advised to treat a benign tumour weighing 2 1/2 – 3K I was carrying around.

After taking preparation made from the delphinium flower (staphysaria) over a period of time my tumour has gone. I feel so sorry for the people who suffer the pain & indignity associated with the operations & medications of orthodox medicine – even when it’s successful.

In my professional life as a dental hygienist I encounter the fraudulent science of vivisection. A good example is the use of sheep in studies of attrition (wear & tear of the biting surfaces of the teeth) in regard to dental filling materials. Sheep are used because the diet causes significant attrition. I have seen it blatantly written that there will be doubts surrounding the extrapolation of the results to humans.

I want to see HLS closed because it sums up the greed, lies & violence of vivisection. Nothing has changed since “it’s a dogs life” was filmed. I have recently had a worker accelerate their car towards me. I have also experienced a worker making obscene sexual gestures towards me on two occasions. I am proud to be part of the campaign to close HLS – a place that has no right to exist."